Transferring To Online Law Schools In Los Angeles

There is a big reason why so many aspiring lawyers want to relocate to Los Angeles to study. This is because they would want to take the bar exams and get their licenses. Why can’t they do the same thing in their own state you may ask. This is because graduates from online law schools are not allowed to take the bar exams in other states except for California.

It can be a bit harsh, but since online law schools are not yet accredited by any state body, it is still hard for the graduates to apply for the bar exam. California, however, is slowly trying to change this, as they are open to giving chances for online law school graduates.

You may also start asking yourself, what are the Law schools in Los Angeles that you can study in?

  • Esquire College
  • What are the online law schools that you can study in California
  • Abraham Lincoln University School of Law
  • Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
  • American Heritage University School of Law
  • MD Kirk School of Law
  • West Haven University and William Howard Taft University
  • California School of Law, Concord School of Law
  • West Coast School of Law Inc.
  • Southern California University of Professional Studies
  • Newport University, Northwestern California University
  • University of Honolulu

There is actually more, however, you still have to pass the other requirements if you would like to obtain your license or take the bar exam in California. You have to be a resident in California as well as a registered law student under the schools mentioned above in order to qualify.

Online law school and interaction with the teachers

You still do have to attend a class like any regular student would do on online schools. The huge difference is the platform where it all takes place. You will be at your home and be studying through a virtual classroom where you can see and hear the professor in the discussion.



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