Funny Maternity Shirts For Mommy

Pregnancy is not an easy thing to do because the mother needs to carry their child for 9 months inside their belly and has to go through labor just to deliver the baby out in this world. A few months or weeks before the due date, mothers tend to throw baby showers in order to celebrate the upcoming blessing. An event as important as that requires a gift that is also memorable.

To be able to commemorate with that certain event, you can give her funny maternity shirts to give her a laugh while she needs to prepare for the big day.

Things to Consider In The Maternity Shirt

  • Size – we all know how a mother’s size tends to double or even triple during their pregnancy period, especially on their third trimester. You have to plan when you are going to give this to know if you need to increase the size. Make sure that the tummy part is as comfortable as it can get to assure that the baby inside wouldn’t get suffocated just to fit the shirt.
  • Color – it depends on the favorite of the mother or the gender of the baby. You can even have a matching set with their husband and the upcoming baby, if you like. Just make sure that the color is light and avoid dark colors.
  • Funny Design – the most important thing here is the funny design that will surely make the mother laugh. You can place a meme, a funny joke or even a cartoon hand that envelops the tummy as it gets bigger. There are also some comic jokes that places picture of babies on the belly part, or create a ball design with it. Just make sure that the shirt is something that won’t disgust the mother that they wouldn’t even dare to wear it.

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