Choosing Parts for Motorcycles and Other Things for Consideration

If you’re wondering how the custom motorcycle market developed, then it was all about bikers who recognized that their expensive choppers lasted longer than was advertised and they could create Frankenstein-Monster-like rigs as long as they knew enough about being a mechanic to make it work. The recognized that motorcycles played a major part in the tough guy culture of bikers at bars and whatnot (jokes about the Blue Oyster Bar and The Village People aside). Customization also fit in with those who could afford to customize their ride with aftermarket parts available from all around the globe. This resulted in a motorcycle aftermarket market that surpassed even car customizations in terms of ubiquity.

Motorcycle Parts and Customizing Your Ride

• Motorcycle enthusiasts go for custom options more often than not (and acting as “rebels” in the process) because stock parts are typically made to follow milquetoast state laws and regulations that limit their performance. Just as you’d buy a sports car for its street racing performance (as opposed to a sedan for city driving), bikers customize their bikes with aftermarket Motorcycle Parts to get the most out of their ride when push came to shove.

• Everyone has preferences when it comes to bike customization, so the evolution and development of the motorcycle parts secondary market allowed much leeway for cheap but short-lasting, expensive but long-lasting, and something in between when it comes to aftermarket parts. Also, if you know where to look, cheap motorcycle spare parts and accessories need not necessarily mean low-grade.

• Before buying these parts, you should first know the difference between custom motorcycle accessories, aftermarket parts, and original equipment (OE) parts. Custom accessories are accessories customized beyond stock part specifications (buyer beware when buying these). Aftermarket parts are motorcycle parts that mimic OE parts but are made by third parties, so they’re cheaper than OE parts. OE parts are parts made by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), assuring a perfect fit with your bike.

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